Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How -To Tuesday - Movie Idea

Making a movie with your class does not have to be a huge production. Here is an idea for movie making that we recently used in our class that you might find simple and fun.

First we had our students create a report about Arizona. In order to align with the first grade Social Study standard they had to include the state tree, state bird, state flower, and the colors of the state flag in their report.

After their report was complete they created a picture on a 3x5 note card for each key fact in their report. They also had to make a note card to represent the introduction and conclusion sentence.

Then, we used our Flip Video Camcorder and a tripod to record the students reading their reports. Each time the student read a new sentence they would change the card that in view of the camera.

Next, we used iMovie to add a title and a song to the beginning of the movie and viola we had a finished movie.

Here is a finished project for your viewing pleasure.

We will post more of these movies soon on our classroom website.

Note: You can do this simple project using any camcorder or movie making software.


Larry Ferlazzo said...

I like this idea -- simple but effective -- and your blog. I've just subscribed.


~Heather said...

What great speaking experience for first graders! I like that they only had to create a 3X5 card for each description because it isn't overwhelming.

Did each student make their own video? Were you able to share them with families or other classes?

Thank you for sharing such a practical activity!