Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Test Desinger

Test Designer is a FREE web site that allows you to create tests to use in your classroom.

The site has pre-created over 1,000 questions in various subject areas. Simply search for the topic that you are looking for. Next, you can select the pre-made questions that you want to add to your quiz, and print!
You will need to sign up for Test Designer by providing an email as a user name and create a password.


Teaching students how to inference can be a challenging task. Mandy Gregory has a site filled with resources to assist teachers in teaching students how to inference.

The page titled Inferencing Mini Lessons is filled with lesson plans and down-loadable activities.

One of my favorites is the Printable Inference Card Game.

This site is filled with numerous activties that you will enjoy exploring.

Monday, February 15, 2010


MathPlayground.com has a few interactive lessons to help your students explore probability.

An interactive spinner allows results to be tracked on a bar graph.
There is also a virtual coin toss, where you determine the number of tosses.