Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State Facts

February 14th is a special day in Arizona. It is the day this great state was granted statehood. To commemorate this day you may want to teach students some facts about Arizona. Below are a few resources that will help you share facts Arizona State facts, or facts about any state, with your students.

State Facts For Students

The US Census Bureau dedicates a portion of their site to state facts for students. There is a wealth of fun facts just waiting to be discovered on this site. For
example, did you know the state gem of Arizona is turquoise? I knew there must be a reason I love turquoise so much.

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted learning has links to facts about all 50 states.
This is a click on site that is kid friendly. This has all of the traditional facts plus a few that you may not find elsewhere, like where dinosaur fossils have been found.
Arizona State facts can be found here.

Fun Geography Games

is a fun game and interesting game that is a mix of Tetris and geography. However, instead of positioning Tetris blocks, you must position states in their correct location on the US map.

States Experiment

Sheppards Software also has a state positioning game. This game does not have a timer or Tetris feel to it, however it great fun as well.

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