Saturday, December 6, 2008

Add Dimension to Your Lessons

For only $9.95 you can turn ordinary pictures into three dimensional images. Through the use of 3-D Maker, by Sandy Knoll Software, story books can literally leap off of the pages, or you can add dynamic to your presentations.
Images are transformed in a click of a button, and are saved as a jpeg file. This allows for simple integration into your preferred method of presentation software.

3D Maker can be downloaded from, However, to access all of the features you must purchase the software by clicking on the payment options icons. Your purchase confirmation email will include a serial number that will allow you to fully utilize the software.
3D glasses can be purchase for relatively cheap. I was able to order 10 pairs of 3D glasses for $1.99 through ebay. There are also ways to make your own 3D glasses using a CD jewel case, a red Sharpie marker, and a blue Sharpie marker. (This really does work! I found out today because my ebay order did not arrive in time.)

So, spend the $9.95 and your students and/or audience will thank you for it.

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