Friday, July 17, 2009

Remix America

RemixAmerica is an free online movie editing application. This application allows you to remix the words and speeches of American History with current topics of today. Students can use RemixAmerica to create videos on American History and to generate discussions and analyze topics relevant to American History.

There are four ways to create using RemixAmerica.

You can create a talk back by responding to a video that is already created.

You can create a Remix. To create a Remix click the Remix button and then use their editor to edit, add transitions, and add video and audio to a remix.

You can also create a new remix using audio and video from your own computer, or from websites. Their editor allows you to grab and edit video, and add a soundtrack and commentary.

You can even upload your own movies and allow others to remix what you have created.

After you create your remix you can email your movie to friends or embed it into your site or blog.

I learned about Remix America from Mitch, a participant in Lights! Camera! Education!, a movie making class that I co-taught this week for the AZ K-12 Center. Thanks for the tip Mitch!

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