Friday, May 1, 2009

Measurment Resources

We have begun to learn about measurement in our classroom. This week we focused on using a ruler and measuring with inches. Next week we will also learn about measuring weight and volume.

Here are a few measurement resources.

Measurement Slide Show
This is a slide show that shows how to measure. There are several slide shows to choose from including, non-standard measurement and measuring weights.

We are using lesson 4, customary measurement. This slide show shows how to use a ruler correctly.

Fun Brain has a few measurement games to choose from. The games are categorized by centimeters and inches. The games are also leveled by easy, medium, hard, and there is even a superbrain game. This will help with differentiation of lessons or allow you to choose a more difficult game as you progress with the lesson.

The Ruler Game
This is a Ruler Game. In this game, the students will click on the given increments.

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