Monday, February 16, 2009

Penguin Party - Math Fact Games

Penguin Party is an addition fact game also found on Sheppard Software. This game was so much fun to play. The player is given an equation. Then four penguins display answers on their bellies. The player must choose the penguin with the correct answer. If you are correct, the penguin gets to eat a fish. :)
There are also subtraction, division, and multiplication versions of the game. Each game has cute and clever interactive aspect to it. The division game is especially enticing. The player must choose from four crocodiles with answers. When the correct one is selected the player brushes the crocodile's teeth, ekk!
These games can be used to build fluency with math facts. It can be used as a center activity or as a whole group warm up activity. Who knew math could be so fun, and dangerous?

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