Sunday, August 17, 2008

Technology In The Classroom - Listen To Your Students!

Have you ever asked your students how they like to learn?

Many times we are so overwhelmed with mandates and quotas that we forget to listen to our clients, our students.

This video titled, Wisdom of the Young, has real students discussing their preferred method of learning. This video is housed on You Tube, so you may not be able to view it if you are on certain school campuses. Please take some time to view the 55 second clip. Although it is short, it sends a powerful message.

If you are interested in using videos to enhance learning, here is a list of the 100 best YouTube videos for teachers. There are some videos that are appropriate for student viewing, and some that are catered for teachers. The section on technology can help you learn to use technology both in the classroom and on your own time more effectively.

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